Simply Knitting 99 corrections

Simply Knitting 99 – corrections

9th October 2012

Key for the Folksy Jumper in issue 99 (November)

Unfortunately the key for the chart in this pattern was missed off. Sorry about that. Here it is.


Amanda Jones' Red Riding Hood cape


We also have a few corrections for the cape:

The pattern sections should be side, diamond, heart, diamond, repeat once


Set up round, just after cast on 92 sts, should be P1, K8, P1, pm.....

On the Hearts section: 

Round 5 should read p4, T3B, K2,T3F,K4

Round 13: p1, K1, T2F.......


As all three pattern sections have different lengths of repeat rows, other readers have suggested putting all three on one sheet of paper, and then using a line marker. A tension swatch is also particularly important with this pattern.


The first paragraph in "For Middle Section" should read: "Cont to inc at both ends of the Open Diamond section on every 4th foll round, working the new sts in st st until there are 22 (26: 28)sts in this section."

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