Simply Knitting 100 corrections

Simply Knitting 100 – corrections

1st November 2012

Autumn Charm Stole

  There is an error in Row 23 of the written instructions for Autumn Charm by Anniken Allis.  The pattern repeat should be worked until the last 19 sts, not 20. The instructions can then be completed as printed.   In the Hand Knit Christmas book that came with Simply Knitting issue 100 (December), we had an error in the pattern for the Smiley Penguin. Sorry about that! Here is the correction. Sleeves (make 2) Cast on 38 (40:40:42) sts using 4mm needles  and yarn A. Working in the 6 x 6 row striped pattern, starting with a knit row, work in st st for 13 rows, ending on a RS (knit) row. Next row (WS) Knit. Work 14 rows in st st, starting with a knit row. Next row (RS) K1, M1, K to last st, M1, K1.  [40: (42: 42: 44) sts] Inc at each end of  2 (2: 6: 7) foll  8th (8th: 6th: 6th) rows, and on 3 (5: 4: 4) foll 12th (10th: 10th: 8th) rows. [50 (56: 62: 66) sts] Work straight until sleeve meas 32 (35: 38: 41)cm from cast on edge, ending on a WS row. Unfortunately the chart for the Snow Mittens by Rhian Drinkwater in the Hand Knit Christmas book that came with Simply Knitting issue 100 was missed off. We're so sorry about that. Here it is.


In the pattern for the Boot Toppers (page 75 of the supplement), Row 2 has an error where it says slmn1. This should just say sl1. Row 2 Using yarn B, (P1, sl 1) 5 times, * P14, sl 1 (P1, sl 1) 4 times; repeat from * to last st, P1.

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