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22nd April 2016

We've updated the archive of all the Masterclass topics featured in the magazine since issue 1.

A large proportion of the Masterclasses have been uploaded to the website, so you'll also find a direct link to each one. New ones will be added weekly too.  

The most recent back issues are available to order in print here, and digital back issues are available through these links


Set-in sleeves

Issue 110: Adjusting width of set-in sleeves

Jen Arnall-Culliford explains how to make sleeves narrower or wider on set-in styles, to achieve a better fit


sideways hat

Issue 109: Design your own sideways hat - Wooly Wormhead - coming soon!

Knitting hats from side to side requires a new way of thinking about construction. Woolly Wormhead shows us how it’s done.



Issue 108:
Blocking tips for lace shawls - Jen Arnall-Culliford

Blocking lace shawls - The washing line method

Lace shawls and scarves need proper blocking to show off their beauty. Jen Arnall-Culliford examines four key methods to try.



Issue 107: Double knitting techniques - Jen Arnall-Culliford

Create warm, bouncy and completely reversible fabric by using the double knitting method. Jen Arnall-Culliford shows us how



Issue 106: Blocking your knitting projects - Jen Arnall-Culliford

Ensure your finished knitwear looks its very best by blocking it properly. Jen Arnall-Culliford offers her expert advice


Brioche stitch casting off  

Issue 105: Brioche stitch - casting off - Jen Arnall-Culliford

In the second part of her guide to two-colour brioche stitch, Jen Arnall-Culliford shows us how to cast off our work


Brioche stitch

Issue 104: Introduction to brioche stitch - Jen Arnall-Culliford

Two-colour brioche stitch creates a gorgeously squishy fabric. Give it a try with the first of our two-part masterclass with Jen Arnall-Culliford.   



Issue 103: Hat shape, structure & fit - Woolly Wormhead

Woolly Wormhead explains the key elements of hat design, to help you create your own unique styles and patterns and this week's Midweek Masterclass.



Issue 102: Calculating yarn quantities - Jen Arnall-Culliford

Have you ever seen a pattern you loved, but wanted to make it longer, and wondered whether you would have enough yarn? This Masterclass will show you how to calculate the yarn quantities you require when changing dimensions on a project.



Issue 101: Options for decreasing - Jen Arnall-Culliford 

Trying double decreases can create left- or right-leaning stitches as well as centered. Jen Arnall-Culliford explains how to work different methods in this week's Midweek Masterclass.


Continental knitting

Issue 100: Continental knitting - Jen Arnall-Culliford

This style of knitting can speed up your work and help prevent RSI. Jen Arnall-Culliford explains how to knit Continental style in this week's Midweek Masterclass.



Issue 99: Seaming for a perfect finish - Jen Arnall-Culliford

Many of us dread sewing up our knits, but achieving neat results is easier than you think, as Jen Arnall-Culliford shows in this week's Midweek Masterclass.



Issue 98:Customising armholes - Jen Arnall-Culliford

Jen Arnall-Culliford explains how to adapt sleeveheads and armholes on three main sweater shapes for a perfect fit



Issue 97: Understanding crown shaping – Woolly Wormhead

Hat styles are determined by how the crown is shaped.
Woolly Wormhead explains how to construct your own designs

Issue 96: Perfect pleats and tucks – Jen Arnall-Culliford


Looking after your handknits

Issue 95: Looking after your handknits – Jen Arnall-Culliford

Taking proper care of your knitted garments will make them look better and last longer, as Jen Arnall-Culliford explains in this week's Midweek Masterclass.


Issue 94: Catching Fair Isle floats – Faye Perriam-Reed


German twisted

Issue 93: German twisted cast-on – Faye Perriam-Reed

The German twisted cast-on creates strong, stretch edges that are perfect as cuffs on socks, mittens and more. Follow Faye Perriam-Reed's expert guide.



Issue 92: Thrums – Helen Spedding

You can create super-cosy fabric by incorporating fleece thrums while you knit, as Helen Spedding explains in this week's Midweek Masterclass!


Felting Masterclass

Issue 91: Felting – Faye Perriam-Reed

Learn the best way to wet-felt knitted items by hand, to produce warm, cosy accessories.


Issue 90: Basic crochet for knitters – Faye Perriam-Reed


Shoulder shaping

Issue 89: Shoulder shaping with short rows – Faye Perriam-Reed

Avoid the awkward 'stair step' effect when shaping shoulders and sleeve caps using one of Faye Perriam-Reed's neat methods.



Issue 88: Charts – Faye Perriam-Reed

Knitting from charts can be easier than using a written pattern. If you’ve never tried, Faye Perriam-Reed has all you need to know.



Issue 87: Pockets – Faye Perriam-Reed

Faye Perriam-Reed details three ways to add pockets to your knits: the afterthought, forethought and patch methods in this week's Midweek Masterclass!


Issue 86: Joining in new yarns – Faye Perriam-Reed



Issue 85: Making your own buttons – Helen Spedding

Searching for the perfect button to finish your project? Helen Spedding shows how to make them yourself in this week's Midweek Masterclass.


Weaving in ends

Issue 84: Weaving in ends – Faye Perriam

Follow Faye Perriam's guide to creating a flawless finish on every knitting project by weaving in your yarn ends correctly.


Issue 83: Crochet nupps – Jen Storey


Sock toes

Issue 82: Sock toes – Clare Devine

Create perfect-fitting socks for every foot shape with Clare Devine’s guide to the different types of toe construction in this week's Midweek Masterclass.


Issue 81: Decorative darning – Emma Vining




Issue 80: Kitchener Stitch refresher – Jen Storey

This essential grafting technique is so easy to forget! Remind yourself of the key steps with Jen Storey’s quick guide.


Issue 79: Sunday short rows – Jen Storey


Issue 78: Cabling without a cable needle – Jen Storey


Issue 77: Norwegian purl – Faye Perriam


Issue 76: Continental knitting – Faye Perriam


Issue 75: Changing colour with Photoshop – Faye Perriam


Issue 74: Cast-offs

Issue 74: Cast-offs - Jen Arnall-Culliford

Whether you’re looking for a neat or a stretchy finish to your knitted project, there are lots of cast-off options to try. Jen Arnall-Culliford details her favourite methods.


Issue 73: Cast-ons

Issue 73: Cast-ons - Jen Arnall-Culliford

Don’t get stuck in a rut with the same old cast-on method - there are so many options to try, as Jen Arnall-Culliford explains.


Issue 72: Using Excel to change tension - Ellen Gill


Issue 71: Afterthought and short-row sock heels - Clare Devine


Issue 70: Adapting heel flaps - Clare Devine


Issue 69: Ravelry part 2 - Jen Arnall-Culliford


Issue 68: Ravelry part 1

Issue 68: Ravelry part 1 - Jen Arnall-Culliford

Discover the world of knitting and crochet community website Ravelry and learn more about its fantastic features with Jen Arnall-Culliford in part one of this Midweek Masterclass.


Issue 67: Latvian braid - Jennifer Storey  



Issue 66: Intarsia for stripes and cables - Faye Perriam  


Issue 65: Smocking stitch - Rosee Woodland


Issue 64: Fair Isle (stranding/colour dominance) - Rosee Woodland


Issue 63: Hat Design Workshop - Faye Perriam  


Issue 62: Short-row shaping - Rosee Woodland  


Issue 61: Knitting for kids - Barb Brown  


Issue 60: Sock Design Workshop - Rhian Drinkwater  


Issue 59: Lace Blocking - Rosee Woodland  


Issue 58: Intarsia - Judy Furlong  


Issue 57: Beading - Rosee Woodland


Issue 56: Design your own shawl - Rosee Woodland  


Issue 55: Preventing/tackling RSI - Rosee Woodland  


Issue 54: Modular knitting – Rosee Woodland  


Issue 53: Taking project photos – Mimi Hill   


Issue 52: Darning & repairs - Tom van Deijnen  


Issue 51: Converting patterns for seamless knitting - Judy Furlong  


Issue 50: Vikkel braids - AnneLena Mattison


Issue 49: Adding bust darts - Judy Furlong Add bust darts to get the perfect fit, created using short rows.


Issue 48: Designing a Fair Isle hat - Jane Crowfoot Create your own colourwork beret pattern, to design a tam o'shanter.  


Issue 47: Knitting in the Round pt 2 (Magic Loop etc) - Rosee Woodland Rosee Woodland takes us through the Magic Loop method, step-by-step.  


Issue 46: Knitting in the Round pt 1 - Rosee Woodland Knit seamless garments and accessories with circular needles and double-pointed needles.  


Issue 45: Combination Knitting - Annie Modesitt Annie explains how Combination Knitting can help us to knit faster, neater and more intuitively.  


Issue 44: Finishing techniques part 2 - Judy Furlong In part two of our masterclass series from Judy Furlong, we look at tidying up.  


Issue 43: Finishing techniques part 1 - Judy Furlong Give your knitting project the professional touch in the first part of our masterclass series from Judy Furlong.   


Issue 42: Buttonholes - Rosee Woodland Choose the perfect buttonhole method for any project with our in-depth guide by Rosee Woodland.  


Issue 41: Spinning on a wheel - Catherine Wright Catherine shows you to create your own yarn in her three-part step-by-step guide.  


Issue 40: Yarn weight substitutions pt2 (complex patterns) - Belinda Boaden Belinda explains how to swap yarns in a more complex pattern.  


Issue 39: Recolouring Fair Isle - Emma King Emma shows you how to get the balance right when tweaking colour to suit your tastes.  


Issue 38: Yarn weight substitutions pt1 - Belinda Boaden Want to use a DK yarn in a pattern that calls for 4ply? Belinda Boaden explains how in her step-by-step guide.   Issue 37: Drop Spindling - Rosee Woodland Rosee explains how making your own yarn can be a fun way to explore your craft further.  


Issue 36: Lace Troubleshooting part 2 - Judy Furlong In the second part of our series on achieving perfect lace knits, Judy Furlong offers her top tips for this knitting technique.  


Issue 35: Lace Troubleshooting part 1 - Judy Furlong In the first part of our series on achieving perfect lace knits, Judy Furlong looks at the basics to consider before you begin.  


Issue 34: Crochet Techniques – Jane Crowfoot   


Issue 33: Cast on toe up socks – Judy Becker We look at Judy's magic cast on to create seamless toe-up socks.  


Issue 32: Adding Waist Shaping – Belinda Boaden Belinda explores different techniques of adding waist shaping to your garments.  


Issue 31: Knitted on Edgings – Judy Furlong You can add beautiful edgings to your shawls without the need for grafting, using Judy Furlong’s three step-by-step guides.  


Issue 30: Slip Stitch Effects – Emma King Emma explores the use of slip stitch methods to create colourful effects in your knitting.  


Issue 29: Advanced Kitchener – Woolly Wormhead Learn how the grafting method of Kitchener stitch can be used for so much more than socks.   


Issue 28: Add Embroidery to Knitting – Emma King In this Masterclass series we look at five different embroidery stitches that can be added to knitted fabrics.  


Issue 27: Cables (charts/fixing mistakes) – Belinda Boaden In this How To feature, Belinda Boaden shows us how to fix mistakes in cables and avoid baggy stitches.  


Issue 26: Fair Isle Techniques – Jane Crowfoot


Issue 25: Embellishing with i-cord – Jane Crowfoot Learn how to make i-cords and add them to your work.


Issue 24: Basic Designing - Jane Crowfoot   


Issue 23: Steeking - Jane Crowfoot Learn how to cut steeks into your knitting without fear.  


Issue 22: Lining Knitted Fabric - Jane Crowfoot  


Issue 21: Choosing Appropriate Yarn - Jane Crowfoot  


Issue 20: Lace Techniques - Jane Crowfoot   


Issue 19: Basic Kitchener Stitch - Jane Crowfoot Learn this knitting method for creating an invisible seam, commonly used for closing the toes of socks.  


Issue 18: Add Embroidery to Knitting - Jane Crowfoot Adorn your hand knits with the perfect finishing touches with our embroidery masterclass.  


Issue 17: Tubular cast on / cast off - Jane Crowfoot Start your knitting with a professional edge. 


Issue 16: Jogless Stripes - Jane Crowfoot Create neat stripes in the round without a "step" when you meet the next round.   


Issue 15: Small Diameter Knitting in the Round - Jane Crowfoot Learn to use the Magic Loop method.  


Issue 14: Reversible Double Knitting - Jane Crowfoot How to create reversible, two coloured knitted fabric.  


Issue 13: Cabling without a cable needle - Jane Crowfoot Working different cables without a cable needle.  


Issue 11: Provisional Cast ons - Jane Crowfoot  


Issue 10: Intarsia - Jane Crowfoot How to add colour to your knitting.  


Issue 9: Adjusting patterns to fit 2 - Jane Crowfoot  


Issue 8: Adjusting patterns to fit 1 - Jane Crowfoot  


Issue 7: Denim effects - Jane Crowfoot Denim knitting uses some special techniques to counteract and take advantage of the yarns' tendency to shrink and fade.  


Issue 6: Blocking Lace - Jane Crowfoot This process evens out the stitches and makes pieces far easier to put together.   


Issue 5: Short row shaping - Jane Crowfoot This method is a fantastic way of finishing stepped shoulder seems and creating a shaped bottom edge  


Issue 4: Knitting with beads - Jane Crowfoot Incorporating beads into your knits doesn’t need to be daunting, as Jane Crowfoot explains.  


Issue 2: Fair Isle shortcuts - Jane Crowfoot  


Issue 1: Turkish cast on - Jane Crowfoot A seamless cast on that's perfect for toe-up socks.

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