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9th April 2013

Juliet stops to spare a thought for the shepherds as lambing season is underway...

"You can tell we are in the middle of lambing just on Twitter alone. From the amazing pictures from Herdy Shepherd as he braves snowdrifts with his faithful dog to get food to his flock, to Devon Fine Fibres fighting icy winds and sleepless nights to deliver her lambs and kids. At this time of year the image of a fluffy lamb gambolling through a lovely green field, stopping to occasionally nibble on a yummy blade of grass is the utopian scene we expect. 

"The reality of being a sheep farmer, however, especially during such a long drawn-out winter is quite frankly brutal. Lambing may only last a short while but it requires the shepherd to be as hardy as their flock, juggling deliveries with checking new lambs and the usual farm business. 

"So when next you are breaking the ball band on a ball of British Wool, before you sigh at the price, spare a thought for the shepherd who puts so much effort into the humble 50g in your hand."

You can continue to follow the sheep farmers' adventures on Twitter - follow Herdy here and Devon Fine Fibres here. The photos they post are truly fascinating!

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