the knitter issue 70 corrections

Errata in The Knitter issue 70

24th April 2014

We're sorry, Deborah Helmke's Rhodium pattern on page 48 has the incorrect Actual Bust measurements in inches (the cm figures are correct). In inches they should be: 8-10: 34.5 inches 12-14: 37.75 inches 16-18: 44 inches 20-22: 46.5 inches 24-26: 51.25 inches  

Ore, p. 38. The instructions for Right Front on page 42, in the Shape Armhole And Front Neck section: the third row in that section for the right front should read “P2, P2tog, P to end."


Helitrope socks (from supplement)

C2Rtbl and C2Ltbl are mixed up, the instructions for C2Rtbl are those for C2Ltbl and vice versa.

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