Corrections in Issue 85

Errata from issue 85 of The Knitter.

2nd June 2015

Kelp Forest

When working the Cable pattern, if there are not enough sts left at the end of the row to work a cable or both a yarn-over and it's balanced K2tog/SSK, work the rem sts in rib. The cable on row 20 of the Chart should be worked on Row 19. Row 20 should be worked in rib.


Row 13 should read: K26 (29:31:34:36:39:41:44)  P2, K1, *insert needle under strand and knit next st, K5; rep from * to last 4 sts of panel, knit under last loose strand, K1, P2, K26 (29:31:34:36:39:41:44). After repeating Rows 7-14 twice, work rows 5-6 once more, then work rows 1-2 twice more.

Wisley Blanket

A few mistakes crept into this subscriber-only pattern when we published an older version. The corrections are as follows: Issue 85. Square 1 Rows 1 and 3 end with K1 Issue 87. Square 5 Row 3 K3, K2tog, yo* K4, yo, s2kpo, yo, rep from * to last 9 sts. Square 6 Row 1 K3 *yo, K1, s2kpo, K1, yo, K1 rep from * to last 2 sts K2.

Sweet Briar

When following the chart for the lace borders, the white "K on RS.... " square represents the fair isle chart and there should be a note saying all WS rows should be worked as knit on the lace chart.

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