Introducing Novita

Our yarns tell a story of our Nordic roots, our family, and our dedication to the craft. This passion and commitment is reflected in our rich heritage. The story of Novita began 90 years ago, when Ernst Gylfe, the founder of Novita, set out to fulfil his dream of providing Finns with knitting yarns of finer quality than ever before. He left for Britain to study the making of worsted spun yarn in Bradford, which is known as the birthplace of the European yarn and textile industry. On his return to Finland, he founded his own company and started spinning yarns in Helsinki in 1928.


Today we're proud to be the largest hand knitting yarn spinnery in the Nordic region and, as a fourth-generation family-owned business, we've created around 20 different brands of hand knitting yarn. We've invested in our production facilities to ensure we're as energy efficient as possible – for example by re-purposing the heat generated by our dyeing process. We've moved into using Finnish biogas, which is made of completely renewable resources, and EKOenergy labelled energy coming from wind power. We aim to reduce the environmental load generated by our production.

All of our yarn is tested to meet the ISO quality standards. The finishing agents and dyes used in the production of Novita yarns meet the REACH regulations. We aim to choose dyes that are hypoallergenic and biodegradable as well as least harmful. All our wool comes from the northern hemisphere. You can feel the pure and unique Nordic nature and some Nordic magic in our yarns and design.


When traditional design meets the modern we call it the New Nordic. We've delved into our archives to bring back some of Novita's classic patterns but with a fresh new look to suit both contemporary and modern styles. Our designers have pulled some of our favourite gems from our heritage patterns and colour combinations, dating back to when our journey began in 1928, and given them a new lease of life. The result is a beautiful encounter between traditional and modern Nordic design.


Here at Novita we're inspired by the magic of northern nature – the peacefulness, the never-ending space and the quietness to hear yourself breathe. Our Nordic roots resonate in everything that we do. Why not roam in the wilderness among the endless trees, let your feet feel the soft green carpet of moss and find that inner calm you've been longing for? Lie back and watch the trees move in the wind and watch the light bounce off the silvery granite rock. Gather nature's superfoods as you go: cloudberries, buckthornberries, cranberries, lingonberries and blueberries, all full of northern goodness.

And now we want to take this Nordic magic to our new friends in the UK.

You can find us at John Lewis department stores across the UK and also at from September onwards.

Also visit, the leading hand knitting community in the Nordic countries, with over 100,000 members.

You can find our Nordic knits on social media, too – search for @novitaknits on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and Ravelry.