10 things only knitters understand: balls of yarn

10 things only knitters can understand

Try as they might, there are some things those not in the knitting know just don’t understand. They probably wouldn’t get the following list of knitting woes and wonders but we bet you’ll recognise them all too well…

20th November 2015
  • You consider your knitting mentor to be, quite possibly one of the best people on the planet. Whether it’s your mum, nan or next door neighbour, you’ll never forget the first person who taught you to knit.
  • Sometimes (most of the time) at your local group, there’s far more nattering than knitting going on.
  • In the run-up to the festive season, you feel like Father Christmas. Requests for hand-knit socks, scarves, gloves and jumpers are running up a list longer than old St Nick’s and with elves few and far between, you find yourself running your very own winter woolly workshop.
Sant letter


  • The feeling of giving the gift of a handmade knit (even when severely sleep-deprived and suffering from RSI) really is priceless.
Baby Boots


  • You’ve been known to spend a small fortune on yarn. But you know it's an investment.  
Luxury yarn


  • There’s no such thing as too much yarn. Fact.
baa ram ewe


  • There’s no point in splurging on an expensive handbag. You’ve tried talking yourself into it before but you know too well that those knitting needles that are seemingly attached to you, will cause holes and you’ve lost count of how many pounds, lipstick and key sets have been lost!
Sheila Harvey-Lamar


  • Knitting anger is a rage like no other. Losing count, dropping stitches, tangled yarn…arrrgh!!!


  • You know to welcome cats and children into your home with caution.


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