10 Things You Never Knew About Knitting

21st March 2016

1) You burn an amazing 55 calories by knitting for half an hour! So those long knitting sessions ARE good for you after all – we knew it!

2) David Babcock entered the Guinness World Record when he finished the Kansas City marathon in 5 hours 48 minutes 27 seconds – all while knitting a scarf measuring 12 feet, 1¾ inches long! The previous Guinness World Record holder was Britain’s Susie Hewer.

Image: runningmagazine.ca

3) Queen Victoria was a keen knitter until her death.

Image: busstop.typepad.com

4) The word knit is derived from the Old English cnyttan, which means 'to knot'.

5) The record for the most people knitting simultaneously took place September 2012 in London's Royal Albert Hall, when 3,083 people knitted together for 15 minutes!

6) The world’s fastest knitter is Miriam Tegels of the Netherlands. Believe it or not, she can hand knit 118 stitches in one minute!

Image: kmkat.typepad.com

7) Knitting was initially a male-only occupation. The first knitting union was founded in Paris in 1527, and women weren't allowed to attend. 

8) In the 1350s, knitting Madonnas began to appear in Europe, depicting the Virgin Mary knitting – these include The Madonna Knitting Christ’s Seamless Garment, c. 1400-1410


9) Published in 1611 by Johann Siebmacher, the first ever knitting book contained 126 pages of charts, painstakingly filled in by hand!

10) No one knows how old knitting really is, but one of the earliest known examples of knitting was a pair of socks found in Egypt dating from the first millennium A.D.10. We wouldn't like to take a whiff of those...!

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