Knitted Santa hat pattern

17 reasons why Christmas is the best time to be a knitter

What do you think is the best thing about Christmas knitting? Here's a collection of our favourite reasons we love it...

17th December 2016

Not much beats the look on a loved one’s face when they receive a hand-knitted gift!

You can proudly wear your own tailored Christmas jumper and smile when everyone asks you “where did you get that?!”

Knitting pattern Christmas jumper

If you want to get started on next year's Christmas jumpers, find the free pattern for this snowman sweater here.

The cold weather gives us a great excuse to stay inside and knit (not that we need an one really…)

Watching classic Christmas films, that you've probably seen a hundred times before, means you can carry on with our knitting without looking up at the screen.

After scoffing down a festive feast (and a bit of dessert), it’s time to fit in some exercise – we mean knitting of course! Our favourite craft actually burns approximately 104 calories an hour.

With all the family gathered round for the holidays, there’s no better time to teach a few of them how to knit – especially if they want their own hand-knitted Christmas jumper for next year!

‘Tis the season to knit a big, snuggly blanket! And you can wrap yourself up in it as it grows, to stay cosy too.

It’s not difficult to work out what to buy you for Christmas – yarn, yarn, and even more yarn! It’s budget-friendly and you’ll always want more of it. 

Christmas time is filled with moments of sitting around, letting dinners settle. The great thing about being a knitter is you can pick up your knitting and still feel productive!

Between wrapping presents and preparing feasts, there’s actually lots of spare time to finish off your knitting!

What could be better than a completely unique Christmas tree? Christmas tree decorations are quick and simple to knit and as a bonus, they only use a small amount of yarn – making them great stash busters!

Vintage Christmas tree decorations

Find this set of Christmas tree decorations here.

New Year’s is the perfect time to plan some new knits, or promise to finish some old ones! So get planning your New Year’s knitting resolution...

If you’ve had your eye on a new pair of needles, or a fancy yarn bowl, now’s the time to subtly hint to your loved ones about it!

Christmas is a fab time to bust through your stash of yarn! Hats, mitts and socks make great super-quick gifts for family and friends without costing a fortune.

Knitting pattern Santa hat

Find the free pattern for this knitted Santa hat here.

Christmas time gives you a good goal to finish off any charity knits you’ve been working on, and find some new campaigns to knit for!

With a real chill in the air it’s time to wear everything you’ve ever knitted (just not all at once!) You can show off some of your favourite knits while keeping warm.

It’s the perfect time to pass your skill on to the next generation! With all the little ones around for the holidays, now’s a good time to teach them the basics of knitting…

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