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Alan Dart's Jack and the beanstalk patterns - Simply Knitting issue 163

Fee-fi-fo-fum, we smell your next knitting project!

31st August 2017

Alan Dart’s latest fairytale creation, exclusive to Simply Knitting issue 163, is Jack and the Giant, from the traditional beanstalk story.

Make the famous fairytale come to life in stitches with Alan’s newest design. Help Jack triumph over the Giant by knitting a spiralling beanstalk for him to climb up! Jack and the Giant would make a fantastic addition to bedtime stories or be a great gift for fairytale fans.   

The giant stands at an impressive 41cm, while little Jack is just 12cm tall! 

Alan Dart

Jack is sewn onto the beanstalk with his hands and shoes. Make sure you are happy with his position before sewing him in place - use a touch of hairspray to help set him.

Alan Dart

Use short rows to knit the Giant's elbows and clever increases and decreases for his body and head. 

Alan Dart

Gently curve the beanstalk at the top and between the Giant's thumb and fingers. Knit the belt as part of the jacket peplum and chain stitch the buckle on afterwards.

Alan Dart

Use a crochet hook to attach 40x12.5cm strands of 'Chocolate' to the hair base. The collar is made by casting on 70 sts in 'Wheat' and then decreasing gradually.

As with all of Alan Dart's patterns, remember to increase 1 stitch by knitting into the front and back – you'll find our handy step-by-step guide inside the magazine too.

Alan Dart

The cuffs are attached once the arms have been stuffed and sewn in place.

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