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Alan Dart's Little Babies from Simply Knitting issue 161: Saturday Snapshot

When Alan Dart’s playful tots get together for fun times, things are bound to get a bit messy.

1st July 2017

Alan Dart’s little babies are having a whale of a time getting messy – we reckon it’s because they know they’re not the ones who’ll have to clean it all up! These babies are worked mainly in stocking stitch, with a little garter stitch and a little embroidery for those perfect finishing details. Each of the individual pieces are made flat, shaped with clever increases and decreases, then carefully sewn together along the seams.

Alan Dart's patterns always come with helpful tips and tricks, like working the eyebrows at different angles on each baby to create unique expressions and making the hair using a blunt needle to separate the strands of yarn out. Alan also suggests cutting 3cm lengths of drinking straw to insert into each crayon to shape them, and the line of crayon on the baby’s playsuit is made with a squiggly line of embroidery.

Alan Dart's baby toys are available now in Simply Knitting issue 161, here's where you can buy or download your copy.

SK161 baby montage

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