Alan Dart Skunk Toy

Alan Dart's Scented Skunk from Simply Knitting issue 160: Saturday Snapshot

3rd June 2017

With Alan Dart's latest knitting pattern you can step into Mademoiselle Pong’s silky boudoir and discover the magic of clever shaping, delicate embroidery, and the wonders of careful toy stuffing. Skunks are known for a certain smelly trait, but this little cutie has more of a woolly odour than a pongy one! We think she’d make a fab gift for any nature fans or a lovely present for little ones.

Details like the facial features are made with embroidery stitches – using a single strand of black thread to create the eyelid definition and pupils, while the nose stripe are made by casting on and off a small number of stitches. The tail is knitted using the intarsia technique, alternating between black and white yarn, and remember that with Alan Dart’s designs you always KFB (increase 1 by knitting into front and back).

Alan Dart's exclusive Mademoiselle Pong toy is available now in Simply Knitting issue 160 – here's where you can buy or download your copy.

Alan Dart Skunk Toy


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