Alan Dart Vikings

Alan Dart's Vikings from Simply Knitting issue 162: Saturday Snapshot

29th July 2017

You might think the Vikings were all about burning villages and brandishing swords (‘Viking’ does mean ‘a pirate raid’ in the Old Norse language after all), but most Vikings were actually peaceable farmers, who raised livestock and tended land. Alan Dart's latest pattern of Victor and Vera fall into the more friendly category – those axes are just for chopping firewood and crops, we promise! They’d make a fab gift for any history fan or little Viking you know – have fun putting all the cute pieces together!

As you'd expect from Alan Dart's patterns, there's loads of tips and tricks to help you along, such as using a pair of long tweezers to carefully fill the helmet and horns with a light amount of toy stuffing, and making sure you gently curve the horns as you add stuffing to give them shape.

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Alan Dart's Viking toys are available in issue 162 of Simply Knitting - Here's where you can buy or dowload a copy.

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