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The club with no name

Say hello to the group with no name – again! You might remember these lovely ladies from issue 140, when they were finding their feet as a club. They have since grown to 27 members and regularly meet up at the Unico Lounge, in Wilmslow.

25th July 2017

Back in issue 140 we featured the knitting group with no name from Wilmslow. In issue 162 we returned to see how they were getting on, but we thought you might like to read the original article.

Wilmslow is home to a new knitting group, but they don’t yet have a name! It all began just before Christmas 2014, when founder member Brenda decided she wanted to share her skills with other knitters.

Knit and Natter group

Wilmslow is vibrant in the creative arts, and local businesses were offering taster sessions that encouraged others to try something new. As part of this scheme, Brenda organised a one-off session at her daughter’s deli, making some knitted Christmas tree
decorations. Sue Hill, another member of the group, explains: “I went along, was helped to cast on, and by the end of the session had made a simple but effective triangular tree, which was subsequently hung in the deli window as part of their seasonal display.”
A small group started meeting at the start of 2015, and by mid-January there was an average of 12 knitters at each meeting. They now get together weekly, and love to support each other, sharing hints and tips. “I soon progressed to knitting cakes and hedgehogs,” says Sue proudly. These new-found skills were put to good use when the group began knitting beanie hats and fingerless mittens for Nepal. “Initially they were sent to East Cheshire firefighters to take with them whilst building a school in the mountains. But the earthquake struck first, and many of our items were sent across immediately after the destruction,” Sue explains. “A lot of them went via Knit for Peace, and in total we sent across 40 hat and mittens sets, as well as baby cardigans.”
The group’s next project was knitting nurse dolls for Newlife, a charity that supports children with disabilities and terminal illness – the dolls help provide comfort to the children while in hospital. Midway through the project, however, they found themselves without a venue. “The deli – where we had developed new friendships and gained much more than just knitting skills – was closing. Had we become ‘The Cast Offs’?” Sue wonders.

Knit and Natter group

Another collective project was for the Wilmslow Rotary Scarecrow Festival in June. The group’s effort, Knitting Nora – sporting a knitted hat, clothes and accessories – was admired by many. “But Nora went with the sale of the deli, so perhaps in her honour we are ‘Nora’s Knitters’,” Sue laughs.

Thankfully, a new venue was found at the Unico Lounge in Grove Street. “We look forward to meeting up regularly, catching up with news, sharing new patterns and discovering where to find the best yarn bargains, as we don’t have a wool shop here in Wilmslow.”

Knit and Natter group
Sharing in each other’s successes is also important, and it was a proud moment when one member had a picture of her knitted items featured in print. “I still haven’t managed more than 60 stitches on straight needles, let alone circular ones, but we celebrate everyone’s achievements. One of our members recently pulled out of her cupboard a hoard of over 450 knitted hexagons, and has now knitted them together to create an amazing blanket. We all lived through the blood, sweat and tears!” smiles Sue.
The group remains nameless, but that won’t stop them forging ahead with their next activity, knitting twiddlemuffs for dementia sufferers. “After small beginnings, we’ve achieved so much,” Sue says. “Here’s to the future of us, whoever we are!”

The group meet every Wednesday from 9.30am-12pm at the Unico Lounge, Grove Street, Wilmslow SK9 1DS. For more info and details about joining contact And don't forget, to read our latest feature on what the group are doing check out our knit & natter page in issue 162.



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