Simply Knitting issue 140 - corrections

Corrections in Simply Knitting 140

9th November 2015

Mulled Wine Poncho

Rows 1-4 should set ridge st pattern at the sides (not last 2 rows as printed)

Cont to rep rows 1-4 throughout at the sides for pattern.


Donkey Jumper

Oops, we made a couple of errors in the hood section of this pattern, the biggest one being that if worked as published, the hood will be on back-to-front!

Firstly, work the whole hood on double pointed needles or a circular needle, as you'll be working a semi-circle in rows, so you'll need the flexibility.

Begin with the RS facing on the left front. Slip the first 5 (5:6:6:7:7) sts from the holder onto a second holder, and knit the rem 5 (5:6:6:7:7). Pick up and knit 23 (23: 23: 24: 23: 23) sts evenly along left side of neck, pick up and knit 32 (32: 34: 36: 40: 40) from cast off stitches at back of neck between markers, pick up and knit 23 (23: 23: 24: 23: 23) sts evenly along right side of neck, then knit the 5 (5:6:6:7:7) sts from the second holder. Turn work and purl back, inc 4 sts evenly across next row.

Continue to work as printed from Row 1 of Hood.

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