Corrections in Simply Knitting Issue 185

29th April 2019

You Got Whale!

2 body pieces should be knitted, not 1 as stated in the pattern.


Laid Back Lacework

The instructions on the purl rows should read "P to last 2 sts, K2", not P to last 3 sts.


Pawfect Pair (Super Socks supplement)

After working the ribbing in yellow, you need to work three rounds plain in grey before starting the chart:
Note When carrying one yarn unused across the back of your work for more than 5 sts, catch the unused yarn in the back of a st to prevent puckering your knitting.
Break off Yarn A and work three rounds in st st using Yarn B.
Begin working from Right Foot Chart, using Yarns B and C.
Work Rounds 1 to 24 of the Right Foot Chart twice and then Rounds 1 to 10 of Right Foot Chart once more.


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