Corrections in Simply Knitting Issue 186

1st July 2019

Feeling Peachy

The finishing instructions were missed off and should read as follows:
Sew up sole seam.
Sew on buttons to cuff to correspond with buttonholes.
Ease cuff onto top of sock allowing a 1cm overlap for the buttonholes to line up with the buttons.


Tiny Dancer
Cast on 208 stitches in Yarn A.
Row 1 K2tog to end. [104 sts]
Row 2 P2tog to end. [52 sts]
Row 3 Knit.
Row 4 Purl.
Repeat Rows 3 and 4, four more times.
Cast off knitwise.
Sew seam of tutu at the back using Yarn A.
Sew the Tutu around the Ballerina’s tummy using Yarn A.


Colour Palette (supplement)
The materials listing calls for 3.25mm needles – this should be 3.5mm. Then the Neckband instructions say to use 3.25mm needles, but should say 3.5mm.

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