Peekaboo diamonds stitch

Free Knitting Pattern: Peekaboo Diamonds Stitch

If you're new to lace this quick and easy pattern is great for beginners! You'll find those sweet eyelets a real breeze.

11th June 2017

If you're looking for an open lacy stitch for summer, you can't go wrong with the peekaboo diamonds stitch! The eyelets are created with simple yarn overs, with added twisted stitches for a fab defintion. Plus, we've made it even easier for you to share your favourite stitch patterns with just the click of a mouse - try pinning this pattern or saving it to your own library.

To knit the peekaboo diamonds stitch pattern, just follow this stitch pattern to the desired length:

peekaboo diamonds stitch

This stitch pattern is perfect for lightweight summer garments and accessories.

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