Alan Dart Piggles Christmas costumes

Knit Christmas clothes for Alan Dart's The Piggles

Dress The Piggles for Christmas with Alan's new outfits 

15th December 2015

The Piggles are four of Alan Dart's creations: Squiggle and his twin sister Wriggle, their little brother Giggle, and Giggle's own toy pig Likkle Piggle. You can buy the patterns on Alan's website, at £4 per pair or £7 for all 4 characters.

And for Christmas, Alan has designed special new outfits for them all. Squiggle is dressed in a Santa suit, and Wriggle is a pink fairy, Giggle has a pixie outfit, and Likkle Piggle is dressed as a toadstool.

The outfits are removable, and cost £4 for all four. You can see more details here.

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