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KnitsThatFit Hats and KnitsThatFit Sweaters and Cardigans are two new apps available now on the Apple App Store.  

26th November 2015

The apps were developed by Jacqueline, a lifelong knitter and crafter who worked in engineering. Combining her mathematical knowledge with her knitwear design experience, she's spent years adapting patterns so the hip, chest and waist measurements of the finished garment matched her own body measurements.    

Both the Hats and Sweaters apps create knitting patterns to your own measurements, for any yarn and needles. In KnitsThatFit Hats you can choose between beanies and bobble hat, and adjust the rib style, head size, hat length and rib length. 

In KnitsThatFit Sweaters you can customise jumper and cardigan patterns, for hip, waist and chest, plus arm length and body length. 

KnitsThatFit Hats is on the App Store at £2.99, and KnitsThatFit Sweaters and Cardigans for £6.99.

For more details visit, and you can follow KnitsThatFit on Facebook and Twitter.

And Jacqueline is now working on Android versions of the apps too. 

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