Knitted Homer Simpson

Knitted characters yarn bomb: Superman, Batman, the Simpsons and Minions

19th October 2017

Knitter Ruth designed and made these amazing knitted Simpsons characters, part of a series of designs she’s made to cover two concrete posts outside her house.  

“We moved here three years ago,” she explains, “and I wanted to cover the plain white posts. My first thought was to paint them, but then my sister suggested I knit something to cover them.”

Knitted Marge Simpson

Ruth worked out the design herself, measuring the posts and knitting a swatch to calculate the size. Her first creations were Minions from Despicable Me – one with one eye and the other with two eyes, in their trademark grey goggles.

But sadly after a month the Minions were stolen, and despite a heartfelt plea to return them home they weren’t found.

Knitted Minion stolen yarn bomb So Ruth set to work knitting replacements, and this time they were fastened to the posts with a padlock.

Knitted minions yarn bombing

After the Minions, her next creations were a pair of penguins at Christmas time, followed by two London soldiers in red and gold livery.

Knitted soldier yarn bomb

And most recently she's created a couple of daleks, and Homer and Marge Simpson.

Knitted daleks yarn bomb

Her latest pair of creations is Superman and Batman.

Knitted Batman and Superman yarn bombing

Ruth was a keen knitter when she was young, and rediscovered her love of yarn when she knitted a Christmas jumper for her daughter. She also belongs to a knitting group at her sister’s local library in Horfield. 

Which of Ruth's characters is your favourite? And who do you think she should knit next? Let us know on our Facebook page... 

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