The Knitter 97 Errata

The Knitter 97 corrections

17th May 2016

Pont Neuf

After working Rows 1-6 of the written pattern, continue to work through the written pattern as set, AT THE SAME TIME repeating the 10 rows of the Chart - so the next row 1 will work row 7 of Chart, etc. 



A row was missed out between the two lace patterns, causing the second one to come out on the WS.

After changing needle sizes, 5 rows should be worked before continuing, not 4.

When working the Back, work as follows:


Work exactly as given for Front until *** is reached.
Cont without shaping until armholes measure same as Front armhole, ending with a ws row.

Cast off.


Then when you come to work the neckband, work as follows:



Join the 15 (18:21:23:25) sts cast off for Front Right Shoulder with 15 (18:21:23:25) sts cast off for Back Right Shoulder.

With RS facing, using 3.25mm needles pick up and knit 32 sts evenly down left side of neck, knit across 15 (17:17:19:21)sts left on
a stitch holder at front of neck, pick up and knit 32 sts evenly up right side of neck, pickup and knit 39 (41:41:43:45) sts evenly along cast off edge

at back of neck, leaving 15 (18:21:23:25) sts for Left Shoulder seam].
118 (122:122:126:130) sts.

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