The Knitter issue 108

The Knitter issue 108 errata

10th March 2017


In the shape bust section on the back, the first paragraph after the note instructs to inc 1 st each side of the back dart mrks on the following row, before increasing on the 14th (14th:12th etc) row once.

This 'following row' should be omitted, so instead work:

Increase 1 st each side of back dart mrks (see Pattern Notes) on the  foll 14th (14th:12th:12th:10th:10th: 10th:10th:10th:10th) row once, then every foll 16th row twice more.....


Talmage by Heather Zoppetti (Supplement)

For Back and Sleeves, after the Turning Row for the hem, it should read “Work in st st for 6 rows, ending after a WS row.”


Tw2B Dec should be worked as follows: Slip next st to cn and hold at back of work, K1, slip st on cn back to LH needle, P2tog. 1 st dec'd.

On page 32, 3rd column, Size Large Only

Round 6 should read: P1, K3, P4, (K1, P3) twice, K1, P4, K3, P1.

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