The Knitter Issue 117 errata



7th December 2017

Jardin Majorelle
The last stitch  on the left side of Border Chart Row 3 should be black, not white.

Row 2 of the Cable Pattern should read: *P4, Tw2B, K6, Tw2F, P4; rep from * to end.

Otter Cove
The placement of Chart C in the Yoke wasn’t symmetrical for some sizes. Work as follows:
Row 17: Beg with st 6 (5:5:5:3:3) and ending with st 8 (1:1:1:3:3), work 8-st rep as set on Row 1 of Chart C.
This row sets Chart placement.

Buttonband: Pick up and knit 125 (125:125:131:131:137) sts evenly up left front edge and neckband.

Eve River
All purl sts in the chart should be knit sts.  
Toe Rnd 2 should read: *K1, SSK, K to 3 sts before mrk, K2tog, K1, slm; rep from * once more.  

Chart A: Row 9 should read: Sl 1 wyif, K1, yo, K5, ([K1, yo, sk2po, yo] twice, K2) to last 6 sts, K4, yo, K2.     

Commence Chart A and Commence Chart B sections: Row 2 (WS and all following WS rows) should read: Sl 1 wyif, K1, P to last 2 sts, K2.  



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