The Knitter Issue 120 errata

2nd February 2018


The black dot symbol in the chart should say "knit on wrong side, purl on right side" . The red panel should come out in garter stitch.



When you come to row 19, you'll notice rows 20-22 are missing. The pattern is correct but the row numbers are not, so please ignore the these and continue to work as printed. There should be 2 rows of pink worked between each chart. 

Row 32 should be worked in yarn A.

Cadair Idris

YOKE: Sizes M and XL only should read:Place first -(5:-:6) sts of body on hold, [K-(25:-:27) body sts, K2tog] twice, K- (24:-:26) body sts, place next -(10:-:12) body sts on hold, K-(60:-:62) sts of first sleeve, [K -(25:-:27) body sts, K2tog] twice, K-(24:-:26) body sts, place last -(5:-:6) sts of body on hold, knit -(60:-:62) sts of second sleeve. -(272:-:288) sts.

DECREASE FOR NECK: Sizes S, M and XL only should read:
Dec rnd: *(K1, K2tog) once, (K2, K2tog) 2 (12:-:6) times; rep from * 8 (1:-:3) more
times. 72 (76:-:80) sts.



Rows 3 and 4 of the short row shaping should both read work to 8 sts before last wrapped stitch, not 8 sts before marker.

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