The Knitter Issue 125 errata

22nd June 2018

Leaves in Water

The garment should measure 38cm to the armhole, but including the yoke it will measure 57.5 (59: 60: 61.5: 63: 63.5)cm.


Cobwebs in the Rain

Row 59 should read:
Row 59: K3, slm, M1, work sts 4-19 of Chart B row 1, K1, work row 1 of Chart B, K1, work sts 1-16 of Chart B row 1, M1, slm, K3. 2 sts inc’d.




After "Change to 3.75mm needles", the next instruction should say “Beg on st 171 (176:182:188:194) and ending on st 24 (19:13:7:1) of chart

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