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Knitting plans vs knitting reality

We're wondering, how many projects have you knitted compared to how many you've planned to knit. Perhaps you've even bought the yarn in readiness, but never cast on - or started knitting but suffer from cast-on-itis?

25th November 2015

We're loving the chat over on our Ravelry forum, about how many projects you've actually knitted from our magazines. Annarch says, "I’ve imagiknit something from pretty much every issue but, in spite of the fact that I have a copy of every issue ever published of this beautiful magazine, I’ve knit NOTHING from any of them. Sad, really, because some things are just so gorgeous, and I know I’d love doing more than pretending to knit them.

"For two or three, I’ve even managed to buy yarn and yet have never that I can recall knit a single project..."

Ozknitta agrees, "I am so eager to look through and imagine myself creating the designs that capture my interest. In the realms of fantasy, I have knit at least 3 garments from every one of the 91 copies to date. I do spend a lot of time knitting, but am nowhere near as productive in practice as I am in my mind. If only I knit as fast and perfectly as I do when I browse through my copies of The Knitter."

I guess the problem is that they're just aren't enough hours in the day to knit all the beautiful patterns and use all the gorgeous yarn that we see... And Ann is certainly a prolific knitter, judging by all these gorgeous projects on her Ravelry profile! 

Ann's Ravelry projects

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