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Midweek Masterclass: Fibre Is Good For You - the different types of yarn and wool

Many people describe all kinds of knitting yarn as ‘wool’, whatever it’s made from. So, although all wool is yarn, not all yarn is wool! Find out about different fibres and what they’re good for in this week's Midweek Masterclass.

25th January 2017

In Part One of our Fibre Is Good For You Masterclass, we will be looking at acrylic, blends, cotton and linen. We've separated these into handy sections for you, but if you would like to download the PDF of all of them simply scroll to the bottom of the page.





Click here to read part two, where we take a look at wool, alpaca, Mohair, cashmere and silk, in Part Two of our Fibre Is Good For You Masterclass.

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