New Year Knitting Resolutions

Happy New Year! Start 2016 as you mean to go on by making a knitty New Year's Resolution!

1st January 2016

Finish what you started 
If you tend to abandon projects when you spot a pattern you prefer, then make your resolution to try and finish a project before getting started on a new one. Casting something off and knowing you're free to start a new knit is a great feeling!

Try something new 
Learn a new technique, knit your very first jumper or make baby clothes if you've never done it before. Alternatively, you could join a knitting club or take up charity knitting. 

Teach someone how to knit
Spread the joy of knitting! 

Sort your stash 
Is your stash overflowing with balls of yarn you've never used? Give them away to friends or to a charity shop, or hold a Yarn Swap with a bunch of crafty friends. If it's just become a little disorganised, then spend an afternoon sorting your collection into different shades, weights and fibres. 

Be realistic 
If you started knitting something months ago and it's still not complete, then it might be time to make a decision – either set yourself a date to finish it by, or unravel it and save the yarn for another project.

Knit for yourself 
Always making things for other people? Make 2016 the year you knit that jumper you've always wanted, or treat yourself to some brand new knitting supplies.