Puffs and double crochet

Sunday Stitches: Puffs and Double Crochet

We're mixing things up a little bit this Sunday! Pop the kettle on, pull up a set, grab a hook and learn how to work this fab Puffs and Double Crochet stitch.

18th September 2016

We know some of you wouldn't dare go over to the dark side of crochet, but a good crochet stitch can be a great way to finish off a project! Puffs and Double Crochet is great for adding texture to simple knits like cushions or scarves, but it can also work well as a feature pocket on garments and bags.

Puffs and Double Crochet

Foundation chain multiple of 4 sts plus 2. (Try 46 sts.)

Row 1 (RS) Miss 2 ch, dc to end.

Row 2 Ch 1, 1dc, *1 puff, 3dc; rep from * to end, omitting 1dc at end of last rep.

Row 3 Ch 1, dc to end.

Row 4 Ch 1, *3dc, 1 puff; rep from * to last 4 sts, 4dc.

Row 5 Ch 1, dc to end.

Repeat rows 2–5 to form pattern.

Puffs and Double Crochet.a


ch chain stitch

dc double crochet

Fan 9tr in same st

puff [yrh, insert hook through st, draw loop through] five times (11 loops on hook). Yrh, draw through 10 loops, yrh, draw through last 2 loops

sl st slip stitch

sp space

st(s) stitch(es)

t-ch turning chain

tr treble crochet

V-st(itch) 1tr, ch 1, 1tr in same stitch yrh yarn round hook

For a full list of abbreviations click here.

This stitch is great for edging simple knitting projects! Let us know what you make with it on FacebookInstagram, or Twitter. Or you can even email us at simplyknitting@immediate.co.uk.

Have a lovely, knitting-filled Sunday!

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