Knitting holiday Shetland Islands

Take a knitting holiday and experience the Spirit of the Shetland Islands

20th January 2017

If you dream of exploring the Shetland Islands with its rich history of Fair Isle and yarn, Arena Travel's Stitchtopia holiday is your perfect opportunity. Over six days you'll stay in the Lerwick Hotel and explore the islands, plus attend workshops with Hazel Tindall (the World's Fastest Knitter!) and expert Kathleen Anderson.  

The first trip this year takes place from 20 - 25 July 2017, and has already sold out! So Arena Travel have added a second trip, from 7 - 12 September 2017, with the same accommodation, activities and knitting workshops.

It includes flights from Edinburgh to the Shetland Islands, breakfast and dinner each day, tours of the textile museum, yarn shops and sheep farms, plus four workshops.

For more information and the full itinerary, visit the Arena Travel website here. And to book call our special booking line on 01473 660 800. 

You can also enjoy a knitting holiday in Iceland with Stitchtopia – see more details here – and we've also announced an exclusive trip to knit in Harrogate with Debbie Bliss (click here for more information).

Knitting holiday Shetland wool shop

The Spirit of Shetland Knitting Holiday

Returning by popular demand is Stitchtopia’s ‘The Spirit of Shetland Knitting Holiday’, with Hazel Tindall and Kathleen Anderson, who will run four workshops to teach the art of Shetland Fair Isle and lace knitting techniques. 

The Shetlands are rich in both Scottish and Norse culture: knitting-lovers will visit the last remaining mill in the Shetlands to learn how Shetland wool is woven into yarn, graded, dyed and spun into beautiful handcrafted items.

The Spirit of Shetland Knitting Holiday

There will also be visits to the Shetland Textile Museum, to the workshop of knitwear designer, Wilmer Malcolmson, to a Shetland sheep farm as well as the chance to see wild puffins up close.


Scattered between the Atlantic Ocean and the North Sea lay the Shetland Islands, a place of rugged splendour and a fascinating fusion of Scottish and Norse culture. This blend of powerful natural landscapes and inimitable crafting techniques give the Shetland Islands a strong identity and heritage, which you are sure to sense from your time spent here. Large rolling fields and vast beaches provide an abundance of open space for your creativity to flourish, alongside the convenience of being located on the ‘mainland’ for ease of amenities and community spirit!

The time-old tradition of textiles in the Shetland Islands can be traced back as far as 800BC, meaning that it is interwoven to the fabric of everyday life on the island and the people who inhabit it. This trade and skill have influenced the culture and economy of the island enormously, and you will surely find it fascinating to visit a place so impacted by this wonderful craft. Due to the inspiring visits planned for you, such as trips to an authentic wool merchant’s, historic textile collections and meetings with current Shetland craftsmen and women - you and your fellow knitters will get a true sense of all that this beautiful corner of the world has to offer.

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