Witches’ Brew Tea Cosy

Witches’ Brew tea cosy in Simply Knitting issue 164, with creepy creatures and a book of spells!

In need of a handy cosy to keep your eye-of-newt tea piping hot? This Halloween-themed design from Tea Cosy Folk will satisfy even the most demanding of witches.

15th September 2017

With Halloween just around the corner, this wonderful tea cosy is the perfect addition to any spooky tea parties you might be thinking of hosting.

You can knit it for yourself or take it to work during Halloween week to cheer up the staff room.

And if you’re not a tea drinker, we’ve even provided details on how to turn this tea cosy into a playful soft toy.

Witches' Cat

Attach your cat at the base of the cosy, so its paws are on the dress edge.

Tea Cosy rear view

The cat’s tail, frog’s legs and hat brim are all blocked before assembly.

Witches frog

Fold the second frog’s legs under him and attach him under the spout.


Embroider a pentangle – or a spooky symbol of your choice – on the book’s cover and attach under the witch’s fingers.

Witches hair

Once you’ve made the hair, pin it to the back of the head and sew in place securely.

Witch nose

The witch’s nose is knitted separately then sewn to the middle of the face.

This pattern, and many more, can be found in Simply Knitting issue 164. If you aren’t already a subscriber, click here to get your copy now.

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