You know you're a yarn addict when...

10 signs that show you've got knitting on the brain!

19th February 2016

1 When everyone else is crushing on Rami Malek and Ryan Gosling, you've got a thing about Jared Flood or Cirilia Rose... there's something about someone you can share your stitchmarkers with...

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2 Your route to work is twice as long as it needs to be as it passes by the local yarn store – and you're on first name terms with the owner.

3 Your spare bedroom has become known as 'The Yarn Room' and you're thinking of converting the garage to make space for your stash – who needs a car anyway?

4 You catchphrase is "just one more row."


5 You've called your kids and pets after types of yarn and designers – Kaffe, Rowan and Adelphi are great names, right?

6 You have a playlist on iTunes of songs to wind yarn to, like The Sweater Song by Weezer. 

6 You knit on the bus, in the queue for your morning coffee and outside the school gates – in fact, is there ever a time when you're NOT knitting?


7 You dream about knitting, or wake in the night and have to resist the urge to carry on with your WIP. 

8 You have three projects on the go at any one time and are always wondering whether you can add one more...

9 You've been known to chase after strangers to find out whether they knitted that perfect cable cardigan themselves, or you've unintentionally missed your stop on the tube because you've been mentally working out the pattern for a sweater.  

10 You have more pictures of your knitting than your partner and pets, and while others are instagramming their food, you're finding the perfect filter for your new neon waffle knit scarf.