Nature's Luxury

Website review:

15th October 2010

nature27s20luxury.pngThe homepage of this online knitting store is gorgeous enough to drool over between knitting stints. The key message of Nature's Luxury is clearly eco-friendly, but without sacrificing pleasure.

We love the circular picture slots displaying various yarns and tools – they look rather like old-fashioned marbles threaded through with bright colours.

It’s the perfect site to visit if you’re already thinking about Christmas, whether you’re hoping to find a rare treat for a knitting friend or need to provide a wish-list to your own friends and family.

The Home Décor and Interior tab means you can also source gift inspiration for your non-knitting friends – we love the seasonal crocheted wine tops by Lantern Moon.

Other goodies include knitting designs available to download for €3-€5.  

With such a great ethos, we were disappointed to discover that the About Nature’s Luxury tab didn’t tell us anything about the people behind the site – it would have been lovely to learn more about the uniquely blended business/eco/knitterly brains that came up with the concept.

Origin of the Yarns is more forthcoming, with details about the animals providing the fibre that’s then spun into the yarns sold on the site. The range of species is extraordinarily varied, including camels, North American buffalo and the intriguingly named Coburg Fox Sheep, an ancient breed whose wool is described by Nature’s Luxury as having “a nice crimp and a lovely luster”. How could you resist?

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