Left Diagonals Stitch

Free Knitting Pattern: Left Diagonals

In this pattern repeated rows of the slipped stitches form the textured effect. Smooth yarns in solid colours are ideal for showing off the stitches.

13th August 2017

Slip stitches can often be overlooked, but they can add real style to your knitting. You can take something simple like a scarf and give it some real flair with this easy stitch.

Plus, we've made it even easier for you to share your favourite stitch patterns with just the click of a mouse - try pinning this pattern or saving it to your own library.

To knit the Left Diagonals stitch pattern, just follow this stitch pattern to the desired length:

Left Diagonals stitch

This stitch pattern is perfect for adding a bit of texture to a plain bit of knitting. We thing it would look great as a table runner or worked into a bag design.

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Have a lovely knitting-filled sunday!

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