Knit Today issue 125 on sale now!

Knit Today issue 125
On Sale Date
26th April 2016

Issue 125 of Knit Today is now on sale, with bright and cheery designs for the new season. Eline Oftedal's brilliant sunshine sweater is a great way to welcome the summer – worked in the round, it's great if you haven't tried a seamless garment before. There's also Lynne Rowe's neon mohair tee, Sarah Hatton's vintage cable cardigan, and Pat Menchini's diamond motif sweater.

Or why not cast on some pretty accessories... find Kyoko Nakayoshi and Emma Wright's party makes on page 22. We also have Sachiyo Ishii's fantastical space knits in this issue; Sachiyo was inspired to make her amazing animal astronauts by retro space posters from the 1960s, but we asked her to add in a certain Tim Peake-esque spaceman, complete with a knitted version of the Soyuz rocket that took our British hero to the International Space Station.

And for our British yarns feature we spoke to some slightly more down-to-earth adventurers. These small companies and single-person brands are pioneering the resurgence of beautiful British wool and are equally deserving of hero status!    

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We're sorry to let you know that this is the last issue of Knit Today that we will publish. Although the magazine was much appreciated by its readers, its sales could not be sustained at the levels needed to continue. We would like to thank you for your support, and we're sorry for any disappointment.

If you're a subscriber, we would like to continue your subscription with Simply Knitting magazine – any issues remaining on your subscription will be transferred to our sister publication starting with Simply Knitting issue 147 (on sale 20 May). If you already have a subscription to Simply Knitting the remaining number of issues from your Knit Today subscription will be added to Simply Knitting.

If you buy Knit Today in the shops, you'll also find a voucher to save £1 on issue 147 of Simply Knitting on page 35 of Knit Today.