5 to win!

Marvellous meerkats

28th September 2012
We’re sure you’ve seen the adverts that have sparked the recent meerkat madness, but even if you haven’t, you’ll love this prize! We’ve teamed up with The Knitting Hut to give five winners a copy of Knitted Meerkats by Sue Stratford, plus a knitting kit containing the materials you need to knit your own little critter! Don’t forget to send in your finished meerkats to the address on page 17 – we’d love to see them!
Entries to: Meerkats giveaway 78, Knit Today, 9th Floor, Tower house, Fairfax Street, Bristol BS1 3BN. *Or, text MEERKATS and your name followed by a space to 87474.
The closing date is 30 November 2012.


End Date: 30/11/2012